Rubik’s Cube Summer Camp 2024

Welcome to our Rubik’s Cube Summer Camp 2024!! Are you ready to learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube and begin your cubing journey?

Well, you’re in the right Rubik’s Cube Summer Camp. After training for thousands of hours, We’ve identified the simplest and easiest yet fastest method to solve the 3×3. With this method and some practice, you can easily solve the 3×3 Cube within 1 minute.

So, are you ready to build this new skill? Join our Rubik’s Cube Summer Camp 2024

Some of our Cubers

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About your Cubing Coach

Sanjith – Founder, Cubing Heat.

Sanjith has been cubing since 2014 and has trained cubers aged 5 to age 72 in many varieties of cubes, specializing in Speedcubing and Blindfold lessons.

He has conducted many blindfold workshops and organized cubing competitions locally and globally to bring the cubing community closer together.

With thousands of hours of experience training, Sanjith will lead this Cube Camp and guide you to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube.

Testimonials & Reviews

Some Love From Parents

Rating 5/5


For 3×3

Perfect! My 8 year old son loves his lessons with Sanjith! He’s learning and understanding so much, practicing and always excited for the next meeting and eager to keep learning. I’m so happy they’ve connected. Sanjith is patient and he quickly connected at the level Jake was at and he keeps Jake excited and interested during their sessions. Jake is having so much fun learning and understanding the cube. Thank you, Sanjith!”

Rating 5/5


For 3×3

Perfect! We love Sanjith!! I was skeptical that my 6 year old son would learn the cube let alone be able to sit through zoom lessons but he’s able to do hour long sessions with Sanjith who is very patient, knows how to accommodate his teaching to the exact level of my son and is very encouraging and supportive. We do twice weekly sessions and very much look forward to them!

Rating 5/5


For 3×3

Perfect! Sanjith is very patient and explains the strategy of solving the rubiks cube very well. My son is really enjoying the classes and has made great progress since they started. We would definitely recommend using Sanjith to anyone!

Rating: 5/5


For 3×3

Perfect! Our son (Carter) loves working with Sanjith! He’s kind, positive, and does a great job explaining things, especially to a new learner like Carter!”

Rating 5/5


For 3×3

Perfect! Sanjith has been a wonderful cube instructor for my 9 year old son. He is very patient and friendly with kids. My son is always looking forward to have cube lesson with Sanjith. Thank you !

Rating: 5/5


For 3×3

Perfect! Sanjith has been a pleasure to work with. I have a 10-year old son with autism that Sanjith has been working with. Sanjith is a fantastic, patient teacher and my son loves working with him. Highly recommend!!

Rating: 5/5


For Speedcubing

Perfect! Sanjith gave my 9 year old son a speedcubing lesson and it was excellent – in only an hour my son had learned a large number of new algorithms that were much better than how he’d been solving the cube before. Sanjith was very organized, thorough and patient and provided extensive practice problems for my son to work on before his next lesson.

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Join the Summer Cube Camp

Benefits of learning to solve the cube

Summer is a great time to learn this new skill and go back to school a smarter student and a happier one at that too. Here are the benefits of learning the cube at our Rubik’s Cube Summer Camp 2024

Improves Grey Matter

Learning to solve this complex puzzle is proven to increase the amount of grey matter in our brains. Grey matter is involved in muscle control and sensory perception.

Healthy Dopamine

Solving the cube always releases a rush of dopamine. But instead of gluing our eyes to screens to feel happy, solving the cube offers a multi-faceted benefit: a healthy skill and a reason to be happy after solving it.

Logic and Math

Solving the cube requires using the logical and mathematical circuits of your brain.
It helps develop problem-solving and memory skills.

Hand Eye Coordination

Learning to solve the Rubik’s cube helps improve reflexes while identifying and solving different cases on the cube.

Improves Patience

Learning and implementing so many algorithms requires a great deal of patience in the student, and this develops as a result.

Improves Focus

You always find a cuber engrossed in his cube while solving it. This level of focus on cubing is also observed in people diagnosed with VAST (prev. ADHD).

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So, are you ready to conquer this amazing skill this summer?

Choose from the two options available below

If you want to learn from scratch with fellow Cubers, go for the cohort. Cohorts are for learners 8 years and above.

If you already know most of the cube and just need 1 session or you want to learn 1-on-1, go for the individual session.



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Summer Cube Camp

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