Cube Tower Challenge 2023

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Cube Tower Challenge 2023
Cube Tower Challenge 2023

Attention speedcubers and Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts! Prepare yourselves for the ultimate test of skill and stamina at the Cube Tower Challenge 2023—an electrifying online competition that immerses you in the world of endurance cubing.

Join fellow cubers for a fascinating experience that goes beyond testing your Rubik’s Cube prowess; it challenges your endurance as you embark on a non-stop journey, solving multiple cubes.

Seize the opportunity to showcase your speedcubing skills and lasting power in this dynamic and competitive online Rubik’s Cube event. Be a part of the excitement at the Cube Tower Challenge 2023!

What is the Cube Tower Challenge 2023?

Cube Tower Challenge 2023 is an endurance speed-cubing event that brings together cubers worldwide. The competition includes four events, each of which requires you to solve at least three cubes or more nonstop. Those who can complete it within a defined time limit can win themselves a trophy.

The easiest event is the 3 cubes event: The classic 3×3 cube, 2×2, and the Pyraminx. All 3 of these must be solved in under 4 minutes for a winner’s trophy!
Check the full list of events below.

Who can participate in the event?

Anyone passionate about Rubik’s Cubes and speedcubing can participate in the Cube Tower Challenge 2023. This includes both seasoned cubers and newcomers to the world of speedcubing.
Ages from 4.5 years to 90 years are allowed to participate.

When and where is the event taking place?

Cube Tower Challenge 2023 is taking place on Dec 16th & 17th, 2023, on an Online Platform. The Prize distribution ceremony will be held post-completion of the competition. Please add to your contacts to prevent the emails from going to spam. Additionally,
Join the WhatsApp broadcast list for Event Updates.

What are the Events I can participate in?

There are 4 endurance cubing events scheduled for CTC23. They are scheduled as follows

Day 1 – 16th December 2023, SaturdayDay 2 – 17th December 2023, Sunday
1)   3 Cubes3)   3 (3×3) Cubes
2)   5 cubes4)   10 Cubes

The cubes in each event are as follows

  1. 3 Cubes: 3x3x3, 2x2x2, Pyraminx.
  2. 5 Cubes: 3x3x3, 2x2x2, Pyraminx, Skewb, Mirror 3×3.
  3. 3 (3×3) Cubes: 3x3x3, 3x3x3, 3x3x3.
  4. 10 Cubes: 3x3x3, 2x2x2, Pyraminx, Skewb, Mirror 3×3, Windmill, Fisher, Leaf, Dino, Tower-2x2x3.

What are you ready to compete in?

Are there any Prizes? If so, How many?

With this being a marathon-style cubing challenge, every participant who completes the events they sign up for within the specified time limit will receive the Trophy. This tests your skill against yourself and helps you focus on being the best version of yourself.

Here are the winning time limits for each event

EventComplete within to win
3 Cubes4 minutes
5 Cubes8 minutes
3 (3×3) Cubes4 minutes
10 Cubes16 minutes

There are so many  Trophies to be won!!

All participants will get an E – certificate after participation, which will be emailed. Winners will receive trophies shipped for free[1]

How many attempts do I get for each event?

A cuber will be allowed one (1)  attempt for each registered event. A DNF in one cube will lead to a DNF in the entire event.

How many Events can I take part in?

Out of the 4 events, any cuber can participate in a maximum of 3 events.

Cubers!!!  Are you ready to put your cubing skills to the test?

Register NOW!!
Events by Day – December 2023

Day 1 [ 16th Dec, Saturday IST]: 3 Cubes & 5 Cubes

Day 2 [ 17th Dec, Sunday IST ]: 3 (3×3) Cubes & 10 Cubes

Day 3 [TBA ]: Prize Distribution Ceremony TBA

Time slot: Select your 1hr slot while signing up. Make sure to select a slot on both days if you signed up for events that occur on both days.

For example, if you have signed up for 3 Cubes and 3 (3×3) Cubes, then you have to select a slot from Day 1 and a slot from Day 2

But if you only signed up for the 3 Cubes event, you only need to select a slot from Day 1

Registrations End: 14 December 2023 at 9:00 pm IST

Note: Please be sure to enter a valid email for communication and check the Spam folder for any emails sent to you by Additionally, you can add to your Google Contacts to ensure you get your mail.

Registrations closed. See you in the next competition!

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Grab your cubes and start practicing for Cube Tower Challenge 2023: Suggested Speed Cubes:
3×3: GAN 3×3 Magnetic 
2×2: YJ MGC 2×2 Magnetic
4×4: MeiLong 4×4 Elite-M Magnetic
Skewb: Qiyi QiCheng Skewb
Pyraminx: QiYi MS Magnetic Pyraminx

Find out more suggested cubes:
India | Global

[1]: Free shipping only applies to participant addresses within India. Shipping charges for addresses outside India will be bearable by the participant.